Friday, August 31, 2012

Spiked Pendants

While trying to come up with some new ideas for things to make I was doing some fiddling and a couple of things popped out at me. A couple of pointy things. Both are now available in my shapeways shop.

And here they are...

The Ring of Spikes Pendant.
Circles or Rings typically represent eternity or the life cycle.
But, to me, this one appears to be holding something at it's center.
Something invisible, something tortured. Some poor trapped soul.
Could be part of a great Halloween cosume. Or, just wear it if that's your style.
It still looks cool. Even if I made it sound creepy.

Then there's The Inverted Half Mace pendant.
It appears normal from the front. But, when you take look at the back. There are more spikes inside.
They feel like they represent the internal struggle that is being human. As we hide ourselves from the world, this mace hides its spiked internals from the viewer. Only the wearer knows its true identity.

I hope you like them, and thank for reading!


  1. Oy, oy, should we get worried now ;)? Just joking, they look cool!

  2. Lol thx! The shops around here are putting out Halloween stuff already. It got me in the spirit :)