Sunday, September 2, 2012

Syd Barrett T's

It's rare that I find a shirt that I will wear that has printing on it.
I usually go for the standard white, gray or black T with nothing on it.
I thought that maybe I don't wear printed shirts because they're just not me. 
But, that's not the case. There's two shirts in my past that I wore to death. I loved them.
So, now I'm thinking I just have a hard time finding the right shirt for me. 
I'm just too picky I guess. So, with that in mind, I did up this shirt design today and put it on Skreened
I would absolutely wear this..

If you don't recognize the face. It's Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.
I don't know if having this shirt printed violates any copyrights laws. 
I tried to do some searching, but everything I read had to do with images of people who were still alive.
In either case, if the image or Syd's likeness is copyrighted, I'll happily remove the shirt upon request.

A little history on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett. He is best know as one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. Many credit him to be 'The' founding member, as he is credited with naming the band after two blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. If you know that already you probably also know he suffered from  mental illness which was believed to be worsened by excessive use of hallucinogens. Many view him as one of the first casualties of the hallucinogen culture of the time.
He was not only one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, but also a Painter, and produced a few solo albums. The solo albums are still available, and are worth a listen if you like Floyd's early work. As for the surviving paintings. There doesn't appear to be a single respository for them. But, google will certainly get you plenty of results if you're interested in searching.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ah, the fuzzy field of copyright, always fun. Did you look up the photographer's copyrights as well? In the Netherlands, copyright of the photographer is more extended than that of the one portrayed. For example, in the Netherlands the one portrayed (or his/her heirs) has rights until 10 years after death, but the photographer (or his/her heirs) has copyright until 70 years after taking the picture. But yeah, those are the laws of another country so I don't know for sure as well :).

  2. The laws are similar or the same here (hard to tell if you're not a lawyer). Copyright stuff freaks me out though.
    I always feel like my hands are tied when I want to create something that was inspired by something else.
    I found the image using google image search with the licence filter set to "free to use or modify for commercial use". Here's the actual photo. So, I think i'm okay. But, like you said. One can never be sure.