Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving away from Cafepress

I recently found out that cafepress may not be the most ethical company to have produce custom Tees. Nor are they the cheapest or the fastest or have the best available print area. So, after a very brief stay with them I will be moving to
I was able to migrate my existing designs as well as add some new ones this evening.
The new store is located at

Here's the latest novelty tee's that I have added.
I hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hihi, the dirt devil is cute! Just curious, why is cafepress not much of an ethical company?

  2. Apparently, much of the merchandise is produced in sweatshops.
    But to add insult to injury, they've made it a policy to repeatedly hike their prices, which cuts into designer commissions.
    When they're buying the merchandise for next to nothing and then marking it up to near or over market value as the base price. There's little room for designer profit.
    It just smells like greed. Not to mention they reserve the right to use your designs to market their website. It turns the designers into their own personal sweat shop design and marketing team. I feel used. It's a great service, but it seems there are other companies out there with better ethics, better service and better pricing.