Thursday, September 6, 2012

3D Printed Characters

I was thinking the other night.
Thinking about how I made a lot of friends, and have a lot of good memories of playing an MMORPG for the iphone, itouch, ipad.  It's called IMO The World of Magic. It's a fun Zelda like game of quests and monsters and PVP on the beach. I wish I still had time to play. But, things change, life happens.
So, here I am making a little homage to the game in my own way. I'm doing it by creating 3D interpretations of the little pixel sprites that you meet along the way. I made my first two this week.

~ Kooii ~ Level 1 Mob.
~ Dark Steel Sword ~ LVL 38 Weapon
As time goes on I would like to transform more of these 2D creatures and objects into 3D versions for the IMO community to scoop up and bring home if they like. These are rendered images.
The actual products would come in the colors and materials chosen when ordering. But, they can be hand painted once you receive them. These objects would be printed on 3D printer by a company called Shapeways. They offer a number of materials that you can have things printed in.
Check out my Shapeways store for these charms and more.

Before I go. I want to say that it was a tremendously fun game. It helped that I was in a great guild called Young on the Devilang server. Those guys were the best. It was a blast. The game is still being expanded today and is now available on the Android. Some of the people I played with over two years ago are still playing today and the guild still lives on. Look for a pro with a blue dragon mark. Tell them Rith says hi! :)

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