Monday, August 13, 2012

Tutorial coming soon...still

My journey over the last week or so since first stumbling upon Sculptris has been long. My original goal of writing a tutorial on how to get Sculptris objects into inventor turned out to be more challenging than I initially thought. Not because the software is bad, but instead because I lack basic knowledge of 3D object types and file formats. But, I am getting closer. The more I learn, the more I feel that I should be focusing on learning blender in the nearest future. It's beginning to seem more and more that blender is like the Swiss Army Knife of free modeling software. It's not a cannon that obliterates projects from miles away. But, with some know how, it will get you through the wilds. At least, That is the impression I get from people out there in the wilds. As I travel the web in search of all the mysteries that are 3D, I keep hearing "blender can do that".
I will post my tutorial soon but it may not be exactly as I had planned it. It may be something a little different.
In the mean time, seek inspiration!

Thanks for reading :)


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