Friday, August 24, 2012

Dragonfly is ready to prototype.

I realize this has been a long and drawn out process. But, it's finally ready to prototype. Here's a video of the final model in motion.

I have two concerns about the final product.
1. Will the wings be heavy enough to fall back down on their own. Or, will the holes be too tight and hold the wings up?
2. Will the lip and snap fit prongs on the cover and the base be loose enough for it to fit, but also be tight enough to hold it closed? Only the prototype can tell me that.


  1. Nice! It looks like a real dragonfly with the new wings :). I hope it'll work!

  2. Thanks Mez! I'm still pondering if I should add any test parts to the STL file before I place the order. I want to test some snap fittings. I'm just not sure if I can wait to model them before I place the order :D