Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sculptris is SICK! and FREE :D

Note: Thanks to Mezmera for pointing out that this software is Mac/Windows only,
No Linux based version at this time..

So, the other day, I saw a post in the shapeways forum saying how easy this software was to use. I thought to myself...3D is never really easy. There's always navigation controls to learn, then a whole slew of primitive shape tools, then even more tools to manipulate those shapes...the list goes on and on. Boy was I wrong.

The software was called Sculptris from pixelogic It's not real stable on my old clunker of a pc. But, neither is flash player or even Firefox for that matter. A faulty surge protector and a few power outages will do that to a PC. Probably the coffee maker too (is that why it's been tasting burnt lately?)
But, that's besides the point.
It's a small download and it installs in a jiffy. The interface is minimalistic and intuitive. My initial reaction, is that this software is what most software should be. Fast, powerful and easy to use. Not to mention its free.

Without reading or watching a single tutorial. I was able to make this creatures head shown below in less than 10 minutes. NO EXAGERATION!!. That's just plain awesome. It was almost easier than if I was using real clay. I'm blown away. I can't believe this is free software.

It was almost as if it knew exactly what i wanted it to do.

You can even paint and texture it. (See the red eyes!)

Plus, you can export the 3D mesh as an obj file, along with the texture and uv maps for use in other applications. I couldn't ask for more. Except a better pc to run it on. I'm not worthy! (Wayne's World reference, anyone catch that?)
You must check this software out for yourself to experience its awesomeness.
Here's a link to the download page for it.

I'm still working on converting the resulting meshes/obj files for use with inventor. perhaps that will be another post for another day.

Thanks for reading!

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