Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ancient creatures on shapeways

Soooo my projects lately have been a bit sporadic.
I was working on the iPhone rpg with game maker,
then I started working on a revamp of our website,
which lead to helping launch an internal wiki at my current full time employer.
Yet here I find myself making models for shapeways again.
Somehow I never find the time to write about any of these things because I'm either too busy working on them or I'm still experimenting and can't give any good advice.
At any rate...
In the past few months I've made a few items for shapeways. Most notable are the dragon skulls which were made primarily in sculptris and "shelled" in autodesk inventor. They're here just in time for Halloween AND if any of you like the show game of thrones or the books it is based on, you may like these as well. In addition to the dragon skulls there is also a crow skull for any John Snow fans.

I just got this one in my hands yesterday and I'm impressed.

Here's a few links to the new items.
To view all my items. the store home page is...

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  1. Hey Rith, good to see you're back! The skull looks awesome.