Friday, July 20, 2012

Maiden Voyage

My first post.
I think my best bet to start this puppy off, will be to spend some time looking through my old works.
Often times looking back is the same as looking forward. The things that have influenced your life will permeate through your work.I'll start somewhere in the middle and move every which way as time goes on.

The following link is to my wifes website which I was made to design to her liking.

It's not exactly a showpiece of cutting edge webdesign but the Gerbil Color Codes page was an interesting project.
I used scripting in Photoshop to vary the hues of various layers to produce the various colors of the mini gerbil icons (seen here). Then there was the programming of the Gerbil Genetics page was even more fun. It takes the input of the parents genetics and displays the statistical probably of the offsprings phenotypes (aka. Colors) It was written in php 4 and took quite a bit of research to get running. Each gene slot controls a particular trait. Eye color, hair color, skin color,etc.. These slots are called a loci. Each loci stores two genes. One from each parent. These genes have one of a variety of attributes. For example, the human eye would have brown, blue, green, etc. Note that the genes in capitals represent a dominant trait. Meaning that trait will pass to the offspring sort of by default. For us humans it's far more complicated. But, for gerbils, it's easy peasy. To visit the genetics page click here.
Thanks for reading :)
End transmission...

Image of the mythical mariachi gerbil...
Exact genetic makeup unknown.

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